Jérémie Papin

Senior Vice President, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., and Chairperson,
Nissan Americas

Yasuhiro Azuma

Vice President, Vehicle Program Engineering, Nissan U.S.

Shishir Bhushan

Vice President, NMAC Operations, Nissan Motor Acceptance Company LLC

Brian Brockman

Vice President, Communications, U.S. and Canada

Bart Buttles

Regional Vice President, Nissan Central Region, Nissan U.S.

Tiago Castro

Regional Vice President, Nissan Midwest Region, Nissan U.S.

Michael Colleran

Corporate Vice President, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.,
and Senior Vice President, U.S. Marketing and Sales

Jay Cook

Vice President, Finance & Control, Nissan U.S. and Canada

Brian Crockett

Vice President, Manufacturing, Smyrna Vehicle Assembly Plant, Nissan U.S.

Kevin Cullum

President, Nissan Motor Acceptance Company LLC

Jim DeTrude

Vice President, NMAC Sales & Marketing, Nissan Motor Acceptance Company LLC

Marco Fioravanti

Vice President, Product Planning, Nissan U.S. and Canada

Tim Gilbert

Regional Vice President, Nissan Southeast Region, Nissan U.S.

Kouji Ikeda

Vice President, Production Engineering and New Model Quality, Nissan U.S.

Hiroshi Izumiyama

Vice President, Purchasing, Nissan Americas

Mark Kaczynski

Regional Senior Vice President, Finance & Information Technology, Nissan Americas

Kim Less

Vice President, Aftersales, Nissan Americas

Arcangelo Lofaro

Regional Vice President, Nissan Northeast Region, Nissan U.S.

Marisstella Marinkovic

Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Nissan U.S.

David M. Johnson

Senior Vice President, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management, Nissan North America

Leon Martinez

Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

Jason Menges

Vice President and General Counsel, Legal, North America

Shawn Mirabal

Regional Vice President, Nissan West Region, Nissan U.S.

Rich Miller

Vice President, Vehicle Connected Services & Program Management Office, Nissan U.S. and Canada

Dan Mohnke

Vice President, eCommerce, Nissan U.S.

James Moss

Vice President, Total Customer Satisfaction, Nissan Americas

Kent O'Hara

President, 4R Energy, U.S.

William Orange

Vice President, Information Technology, Nissan Americas

Ponz Pandikuthira

Regional Senior Vice President and Chief Planning Officer, Nissan Americas

Paul Peruski

Vice President, Research and Development Strategy, Vehicle Evaluation & Test Engineering, Nissan Technical Center North America

Rob Pitt

Vice President, Business Optimization, North America

Jeff Pope

Division Vice President, Dealer Network Development & Customer Quality, Nissan & INFINITI, U.S. and Canada

Chris Reed

Regional Senior Vice President, Research and Development, Nissan Americas

Hiroki Sasaki

Vice President, Platform & Technology Engineering, Nissan U.S.

Scott Shirley

Vice President, Chief Marketing Manager & Marketing Operations, Nissan U.S.

Dr. Maarten Sierhuis

Vice President and Alliance Global Director, Alliance Innovation Lab – Silicon Valley

David Sliger

Vice President, Manufacturing, Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant, Nissan U.S.

Chris Styles

Vice President, Supply Chain Management, North America

Andrew Tavi

Senior Vice President, Corporate, External Affairs and Sustainability

Chandra Vasser

Vice President and Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, Nissan Americas and President, Nissan Foundation

Andrew Wareing

Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) and Vice President, Purchasing, Nissan Americas

Judy Wheeler

Divisional Vice President, Nissan Sales & Regional Operations, Nissan U.S.

David Woodhouse

Vice President, Nissan Design America, U.S.

Jeff Younginer

Vice President, Decherd Powertrain Operations, Nissan U.S.

Steve Milette

President, Nissan Canada Inc.

Trevor Longley

Vice President, Sales Operations, Nissan Canada Inc.

Marc-André Nault

Director of Aftersales and Quality Assurance at Nissan Canada Inc.

Andrew Harkness

Director of Dealer Network Development & Customer Quality at Nissan Canada Inc.

Ken Hearn

Director, Marketing, Nissan Canada Inc.

José Román

President & Managing Director, Nissan Méxicana

Joan Busquets

Vice President, Manufacturing, Nissan Méxicana

Yasukazu Kanda

Vice President, Research and Development, Nissan Méxicana


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