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Arctic Tracks: JUKE NISMO RSnow


LAPLAND, Finland – The JUKE NISMO RS crossover is no stranger to tough conditions, so Nissan recently put a special customized version to the test in nearly 20 inches (50 centimeters) of deep powder snow on the frozen Uddjaur Lake in Arjeplog on the Swedish side of Lapland.

Starting with a capable JUKE NISMO RS AWD, the team fitted 815-pound (370 kilogram) DOMINATOR Track Systems snow tracks, made minor modifications to the front and rear fascias, and reprogrammed the vehicle's torque-vectoring AWD system.

Engineers testing in Lapland found the JUKE NISMO RSnow capable of more than 50 mph (85 kph) in Arctic conditions as cold as -31 degrees F (-35 C).

With winter beating down on many parts of the country, the JUKE NISMO RSnow makes the score, winter: 0 / JUKE NISMO RSnow: 1.



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Issued by Nissan