Three-time Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg's latest drift car, a 2023 Nissan Z modified to produce an incredible 1,300 horsepower, will appear at Nissan's booth at the 2022 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show.

The Forsberg Racing team has an established connection with Nissan. The team used a 370Z for drift competition in the past, and worked with Nissan and NISMO to build its newest drift car this spring. The Forsberg Racing team equipped the Nissan Z with an extensively modified VR38DETT twin-turbocharged V6 engine – as found in the Nissan GT-R – re-tuned to make 1,300 horsepower and with exhausts exiting through the car's hood. In addition, the team made significant chassis and bodywork modifications to prepare the car for Formula Drift, including adding required safety equipment.

The car made its competition debut at the Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach course in April, and Forsberg is currently 6th in the 2022 Formula Drift standings. Forsberg will be in attendance at the Nissan booth at SEMA to sign autographs and take selfies with fans.

More photos and videos of Forsberg's car in Formula Drift competitions can be found on his Instagram page, @chrisforsberg64.

Find more details about other Nissan 2022 SEMA Show debuts in the main event release.

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