Nissan trucks have always inspired owners to personalize and customize their vehicles, and the latest Frontier midsize pickup is no exception. Content creator and automotive influencer Christina Roki created a lowered, street truck-style project1 for the 2022 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show.

Roki’s build is based on a 2022 Frontier King Cab S and takes the truck in a bold direction with a custom wide body kit from Performance Lab Detroit, along with a lowered suspension and other modifications, all recalling the look of the “mini truckin’” style of the past.

Find more on Roki’s Frontier project and her other automotive builds by following her on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

The truck’s full list of modifications includes:

  • Performance Lab Detroit custom wide body
  • Custom lowered suspension
  • Terra Strada Design custom livery
  • Black Rhino Kaizen wheels, 20 x 9.5 inches
  • Bridgestone Potenza Sport tires, size 275/45R20
  • MagnaFlow Street Series cat-back exhaust
  • Tyger T3 bed cover
  • Aerowerkz smoked headlights
  • MC Whips tinted windows
  • Custom Alcantara upholstery
  • Custom graphic wrap designed by Bigtime Graphicss

Find more details about Nissan’s 2022 SEMA debuts in the event overview release.

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1 Modification could affect vehicle performance, safety, emissions or durability and may even violate governmental regulations. In addition, damage or performance problems resulting from modifications may not be covered under NISSAN warranties.  Nissan does not assume responsibility as the final stage manufacturer for modified or altered vehicles. Nissan is not responsible for final certification, product liability claims, or warranty claims, resulting from any component, assembly, or system altered by or at the request of the body builder, conversion company, dealer or vehicle purchaser. Nissan is not responsible for modifications which cause the vehicle to become noncompliant with any of the motor vehicle safety standards, emissions regulations, or modifications that cause the vehicle to be or become defective or unsafe.

Issued by Nissan


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