IRVINE, Calif. - There are more than 100 Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun vehicles from every corner of the world at the 2013 Nissan 360 media program, which is staged at the former Marine Corps Air Station in El Toro, California. This assembly of classic, current and concept vehicles demonstrates the heritage and future of Nissan Motor Company for global media.

With Nissan 360 happening every four to five years, the timing conveniently intersected this time around with another car-centered event in Southern California. It is called Cars and Coffee, and it is hosted down the road from El Toro every Saturday in Irvine.

"Hundreds of cars come in from all over the region here at Cars and Coffee just to hang out, have coffee, talk about cars and meet with friends," said Richard Plavetich, Nissan Design America.

From sports cars to hot rods, classics and exotics, it is the epicenter of California car culture every Saturday morning. Nissan took the opportunity to add some extra excitement to the event with product usually not seen outside of Japan.

"We thought, hey, we have all of this cool product brought over in conjunction with Nissan 360, heritage vehicles you would never see outside of Japan, let's bring the cars to where the public can have a look as well," said Plavetich.  "If you look at the Nissan Fairlady, and you go back to the roots of that car, it is really the roots of what we have in the Nissan 370Z today. It is very fun to have something like that around for inspiration."

Nissan 360 is an invitation-only event for global media that goes through Sept. 15.


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