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Nissan Legends: The History of Nissan Motor

Inside the doors at Nissan Motor Corporation, we hope that each one of us will continue to be among these "Moving "People" who influence customers emotionally well into the future, continuing the proud tradition established and maintained over the past 80 years.

As a result of our employees' efforts and innovations, Nissan was able to shape its history for 80 years while overcoming countless difficulties and achieving great success.

We would like to feature our past and present employees who contribute to Nissan and highlight the soul inherited in Nissan.

Writers of Japan's leading car magazine Car Graphic, which marked its 50th anniversary last year, will go beyond a mere biography and shed light on the roots of Nissan based on their extensive insight into the auto industry.

Nissan Legend 1
Yoshisuke Aikawa: A Modern Man with Insight

Nissan Legend 2
Yutaka Katayama: A Determined Visionary

Nissan Legend 3
Hiroyoshi Kato: The Man Who Found His Calling

Nissan Legend 4
Shin'ichiro Sakurai: The Real Face of Mr. Skyline

Nissan Legend 5
Tadao Takahashi: Giving Life to the Factory

Nissan Legend 6
Kyoko Shimada: Hailed as a "Pioneer"

Nissan Legend 7
Sir Ian Gibson: An Englishman Who Served as a Bridge Between Japan and Europe

Nissan Legend 8
Hideaki Horie: Electric Vehicles Will Accelerate the Networking of Energy

Nissan Legend 9
Shozo Sato: Design Illustrates Culture

Nissan Legend 10
Yoshikazu Hanawa: Towards Today's Global Nissan

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